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How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Roof?

Replacing the roof on your home probably isn't high on most homeowners list of "to do" items and it's a decision that is generally forced upon the homeowner at a time when the roof fails or is showing clear signs of an imminent failure.  So what if you're one of those conscientious homeowners who diligently maintains their home? How do you even … [Read more...]

Home Pre-Purchase Repair and Improvement Punch Lists

Have you just purchased a home in the Louisville, Kentucky area or you're looking to purchase a home subject to the removal of certain conditions related to the upkeep and maintenance of the home?  Like any astute home buyer you or your Real Estate agent probably had an inspection completed by a qualified building inspector and they've probably … [Read more...]

Why Choose Metal Roofing Over an Asphalt or Other Roof?

Why Choose Metal Roofing Over an Asphalt or Other Roof? When roofing your Louisville home, there are many material options to choose from. Choosing the right roofing material can be a big decision as it will set the trend for routine exterior maintenance of the residence moving forward for many years. However, when it comes to protecting your … [Read more...]