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Do You Need Roofing Installation, Replacement or Repairs?
We specialize in a variety of residential roofing services.

Roof Replacement is something most homeowners will only go through once or twice in the life of their home.  However, in Kentucky we can have intense weather systems such as rain, snow, hail and gale force winds that can rapidly take it’s toll on any roof.  These issues become much more prevalent if you have an older home with older roofing material that isn’t up to the same standards of the roofing materials we are using today.

Good Stuff Enterprises LLC is a specialist roofing contractor based out of Louisville Kentucky.  From insurance claims involving extensive damage to a roof to just replacing the old worn out roof on your home when it’s time or even installing the roof on a new home you’re building the team at Good Stuff Enterprises does a number of things differently that we know makes a difference in the final quality of your replacement roof.

Our Detailed Approach To Roofing Projects:

#1.  We remove and dispose of the existing roof including all components down to the roof decking. Waste materials are disposed of using dump trailers instead of large trash collectors to minimize property damage, and we only use approved waste disposal facilities to protect our surrounding environment.

#2.  Deficiencies are corrected, including the replacement of deteriorated wood decking, soffit, fascia, trusses, and other substrata that could affect fastener and wind uplift strength. Also, we inspect penetrations, flashings and junctions to insure they are up to compliance for the new roof surface. Lastly, we inspect flashings at skylights, roof-to-wall, roof-to-appliance, and roof-to-roof connections for issues.

#3.  We re-nail the wood roof deck with 8d nails as required for the new installation (no staples are utilized) in a pattern prescribed by state and local code. For a non-wood deck, fasteners are applied to manufacturer specifications.

#4.  We install all new plumbing vent boots and new air vent caps, replace roof ventilation, and caulk around electric service poles, install new valley materials and perimeter drip edge.

#5.  We install the base underlayment over the entire roofing area. A base underlayment can otherwise be known as tar paper, felt, or a secondary water barrier and is normally dictated by the slope of the roof. A secondary water barrier remains an upgrade option by the roof owner.

#6.  We install the customer-selected final overlayment. The final overlayment may be shingle, EPDM, metal panels, low-slope roofing, concrete tile, clay tile, metal tile, torch-down, modified bitumen, or another product.

#7.  We will consider the specifics of your roofing needs during installation. Good Stuff Enterprises has the experience and pre-requisite knowledge to ensure every component is integrated into the complete roof system including skylights, sol-a-tubes, parapet walls, flashing and counter-flashing, roof drains, and anything else we may encounter on your roof.

Roofing Replacement Services That We Offer:

Why Choose Good Stuff Enterprises LLC For Your Roofing Project?

Tim and Scott - Owners of Good Stuff EnterprisesWhen you choose to work with Good Stuff Enterprises LLC you are partnering with a small team of professional craftsman who’ve been working with homeowners to improve their homes and buildings since 2006.  Our team of tradesman consists of knowledgeable, friendly individuals with many years of combined experience.

We take job site safety and work site cleanliness as a top priority so you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your family, your pets, your property or belongings or our crew.  We’ll do all the worrying, planning and organization of your project so you don’t have to!

If you’d like to receive an estimate from the Good Stuff team for your roofing project please give us a call (859) 699-4344 or fill out our contact form and someone will be getting right back to you.

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